Ile Mazas

Reinvent the Seine

Housing & social housing, sports center with a diving pit, a community restaurant, a barge for sports activity
Place Mazas (Paris 4e)
Ville de Paris
Developer : Nacarat
Design Team
Jacques Rougerie
Topotek Paysagistes 


UCPA - sports association

Freegan Pony - zero-waste restaurant 

GNC - flat-share operator 

Dans le Sens de Barge - itinerant cultural residency
8 267 m2
Earnest Mission
Program definition and strategy, team coordination
Finalist project

Square Mazas is an isolated space, an enclosed territory, cut off from the city and its development. Despite being isolated by a dense network of infrastructure, the square enjoys a central position, between the Bastille and the Jardin des Plantes, where the canal of the Arsenal and the Seine meet. We imagined square Mazas becoming a destination of the Grand Paris, following the reappropriation of the river banks: an iconic and riverside project, which at the same time aims to promote a real ambition in the city, seeking hybridity by mixing housing, restaurant, community spaces, shops, public spaces and especially sports facilities all about water. This aquatic architecture offers a unique attractiveness and a strong identity, reconnecting Paris with its river. The project dialogues with the historical monuments of Paris giving rhythm to the Seine at the edge of the water. Furthermore, the project transmits to all the idea that water, source of life, is one of the great stakes of the planet.

We believe that reinforcing the specificity of Mazas is giving to this programmatic emulation a coherent, unitary, insular structure, a common architectural envelope creating built-up density and critical mass on a metropolitan scale.

Réinventer la Seine is an opportunity to assemble designers, users, developers and builders from the start of the project to describe a common, shared project: to create an urban island, a water island, a sports island, an island of practices, a riverside island, an object island.

A new Parisian island: Isle Mazas.

© NP2F et Jacques Rougerie architecte