Le Perchoir de Françoise

Pariculteurs Competition


Rooftop space bar/restaurant and vertical urban farm


Multimedia library Françoise Sagan (Paris 10th)




Ville de Paris

Team leaders: Le Perchoir Sous les Fraises

Design Team

Julian Gougeat Architecte


600 m2


Urban programming and coordination of tender documents

Project status

Competition (finalist)


Launched by the city of Paris, the “Pariculteurs” competition aims to dedicate 100 hectares to urban agriculture in the capital. EARNEST has been sought out to hone the programme of a future rooftop space on a magnificent listed building, the Françoise Sagan library.

This particular story is set in the sky; above Paris, in a planted maze, where everybody is free to pluck the fruits from the garden. It evokes the most memorable tales - one thinks of Italo Calvino's Cosimo, The Baron in the Trees, who looked down on the world from his unique vantage point: 'everything, seen from up there, looked different'. And the literary references are not out of place, because here we find ourselves above the shelves of one of Paris’ biggest municipal libraries. Moreover, there is a nod to the driving force of the project, the faces behind the Perchoir. The Pariculteurs in this tale are the specialists of lofty ambition, with Le Perchoir now established as the pioneer and benchmark for Parisian rooftop initiatives. Here they partner with 'Sous les Fraises', a mainstay of urban agriculture, who brings to the table a unique and patented vertical growing strategy, which allows a yield three times greater than the surface area occupied.


Part restaurant, part farmer's garden, Le Perchoir de Françoise brings to fruition a wild space dedicated to the production and consumption of fresh and organic produce in the heart of the city, directly linked to the cultural activity of the library, and above all to its public. Rather than a simple, binary partition of the 600m2 space - agriculture over here, catering over there - the project blends these two elements into one programme. Our proposal allows for the cultivation of a total of 1000m2 of vertical crops (300m2 of soil, and 700m2 of trellising), dug around the central cafe-restaurant space, which occupies the remaining 300m2 of floor space. To plant oneself on top of a library is not something to be taken lightly: the goal is not to construct a standalone site, but to look at Le Perchoir de Françoise as an extension of the cultural offering.

© Julien Gougeat