Le Phalanstère.Paris

Reinventing Paris Competition


International residency for urban innovation, start-up hub, workshops, club/recording studio, bar-restaurant; meanwhile use strategy via a participatory construction site (project named 75021)


Morland building (Paris 4th)




Ville de Paris

Team leader: Nexity Villes & Projets

Design Team

ASSEMBLE (UK), Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners (UK), Encore Heureux


About 2 000m2 for project 75021, within a total space of 40 983 m2


Concept definition and programming of ground floor and basement spaces

Project Status



On one of the flagship sites forming part of the Reinventing Paris competition, the former administrative centre on Boulevard Morland, EARNEST headed the project '75021', a diverse initiative by which the consultancy intended to bring together a team of creative designers and cultural operators recognized for their ability to think outside the box, forward-thinking approach, and the poetry of their projects (the English collective ASSEMBLE - winners of the Turner Prize - the architects from Encore Heureux, the music events team at Rooms Production, the cultural engineering firm Scintillo, and contributions from ETIC, a co-working group focused around societal change).

At the heart of a 40 000 m2 space baptized “The Phalanstery.Paris”, mixing hotels, social housing and office space, Nexity Villes & Projets  has entrusted the planning of the ground floor and basement to EARNEST. The multidimensional project 75021 aims to open up the building to its immediate environment, in gracing its base with diverse and innovative uses. The project reaches far beyond, in the Greater Paris and internationally, by welcoming city makers and urban planners from all over the world in a residency solely dedicated to urban innovation.